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Discovery Zen’s mission is to provide e-discovery technology, services and expertise on par with the caliber of practice employed by lawyers at the most sophisticated law firms, litigating the most complex and high stakes cases. We continually seek to add value to boutiques and mid-sized firms by reducing the cost of commodity data services and software, while focusing the bulk of our efforts on providing exceptional service and expertise.

The end goal of this vision is to help even the playing field, allowing lawyers at exceptional firms to achieve optimal results based on their legal acumen, not the size of their firm’s overhead, extent of administrative resources, or the need for a vast and permanent in-house e-discovery staff.


Discovery Zen is laser-focused on offering a sophisticated litigation support team and implementing the highest levels of service, expert guidance, and efficiency.

Our experts are here to provide support and guide you through the entire process from pre-litigation investigations to document productions, and all the way through depositions, summary judgment and trial.

Discovery Zen’s team of experts is comprised of senior litigation attorneys with extensive backgrounds in large scale reviews and production on high stakes cases and investigations.

Ofer Bleiweiss Ofer Bleiweiss Jeremiah Kelman Jeremiah Kelman

Our Founders

Ofer Bleiweiss and Jeremiah Kelman (both former big firm litigators) created litigation management software, Everchron, to improve the workflow, information, and analysis available to litigators practicing at the highest level. In doing so, they leveraged their past e-discovery experience to offer a full suite of consulting services to early adopters of the Everchron platform.

As a result, our founders built an incredible service team and partner network focused on providing a high level of value to boutique and mid-sized firms. Discovery Zen, which emerged in 2020 as a standalone sister company to Everchron, was born of this effort to partner with customers and actively solve their most difficult problems.

The Discovery Zen brand and company vision embodies our founders’ mission to provide uncompromising service, expert guidance, and the latest technology to the next generation of elite law firms.

The value of this model has proven itself, quickly reaching 20+ active customers in less than 5 years and growing (close to half of which have signed up to unlock cost savings via exclusive or preferred vendor relationships with us).

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