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Experience a dramatically better way to manage e-discovery for your law firm and get a best-in-class lit support department at your fingertips.

Game Changing Service Model

Fair pricing, unfair advantage.

Unlimited Training

We believe that your success is our success, so we never will charge you for training. Ever.

Technology Options

We provide a range of the latest and greatest software options to tailor the ideal solution set for each individual case.


Discovery Zen leverages our client base and industry knowledge to provide the most competitive pricing in the market for standard e-discovery services.

Exceptional Service

Discovery Zen focuses on providing the highest level of service and expert support, while lowering the cost structure for these standard items.

On Demand Lit Support

We’re the go-to lit support department for your firm.

Our project managers and senior attorneys are available to support your team by email or phone whenever you need them.

Technology & Service Partners

Discovery Zen brings you best of breed software solutions capable of handling any case need, client, security or regulatory requirement, and budget - at any scale. Our premier service partners help us offer the full range of standard services at scale, from secure data hosting, to forensic collections, which we pair up with the high level of expertise, guidance, and hands-on project management that premier law firms require.

Software Solutions

  • Everchron
  • Relativity
  • Brainspace

Service Partners

  • Compliance DS
  • Setec
  • Hire An Esquire
  • Strut Legal
  • iDiscover
  • TrialEDGE

Our customers

Leading boutiques, plaintiff firms, IP litigation specialists and corporate legal departments across the country trust Discovery Zen to handle their highest stakes matters.

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