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Everchron case management software

Collaborative Case Management Software built by lawyers, for lawyers.

Everchron's case chronology software allows you to work as a team to build the story of your case with key evidence, facts and events. Link your case chronology entries to important issues, people, entities and documents.

Everchron's litigation management software features a master file built to handle the largest case files on the most complex matters, including multi-district litigation with numerous parties. This intuitive filing system captures your key case documents, filings and correspondence without the typical noise in a document management system.

Everchron automates the tedious part of witness preparation with automatically generated profiles connecting key people, entities and issues in your matter. Each profile collects any related documents and filings in the matter, which can be exported into a witness kit with a click.

Everchron’s transcript management software provides you with a proprietary transcript reader, built for highlighting, annotations and coding, and the ability to view exhibits and videos side-by-side.

Everchron’s litigation management software features a viewer that can render over 100 file types instantly, allowing you to quickly review, code and annotate your documents.

With Everchron's case management platform, teams can collaborate around their case critical documents in real time. Give access to in house counsel, oustide counsel, co-counsel, local counsel, experts and others.

Secure Collaboration

Everchron utilizes bank-grade security, encrypting data and documents in transit and at rest, to ensure secure collaboration.

AES 256 Encryption

Documents, metadata, OCR text, and comments are encrypted at rest, both at the database and file system level using AES 256 encryption.

World Class Protection

Everchron’s data is stored in Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) world-class, highly secure data centers, staffed 24x7 by trained security guards.

Penetration Tested

Our web application and network infrastructure undergo security audits and testing by an independent security firm to maximize the security of your data.

Certified Data Centers

AWS continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Our Customers

Case Teams

Level up your case collaboration on-demand by using Everchron on a per matter basis.


Law Firms

Roll out Everchron’s litigation management software to your entire firm or specific practice areas for broader access.


In-House Counsel

Dynamic dashboard for outside counsel management, case analysis and instant document access.


Public Interest & Pro Bono

Free access to Everchron’s case management software for public interest organizations and pro bono teams — no strings attached.

Everchron Epic

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